Building Phases

Phase I

Executive Offices

5 Ranch Homes

Year-Round School:

 (with Daycare and

Sensory Room)

Contracted Phases

Building such a large vision of programs all of equal urgency of need is a balance of funding and gifted contractors. This is our intended path in the next 5 years, but is subject to changes in order of building.

Phase II

Medical Respite Care Facility

for Special Needs, Disabled, 

and Medically Fragile

Off Site Restaurant/Coffee Shop

Therapy rooms

Phase III

Teen Pregnancy Home

5 additional Ranch Homes

Voc-Ed Shop


Solar and Wind Powered Projects



Phase IV

Studio Apartments:

Partial Indepent Living Program

For Disabled Adults

Community Partnerships

Garden Project


Get your hands dirty by helping create and construct our therapeutic and sustaining educational garden.

Community building for 2019


Let us come together and build some amazing legacy projects in 2019!



Would your club like to sponsor and build an interactive, handicap accessible playground?

Amish Barn Raising Event


Be one of the 4 teams that will come together in the community Amish Barn raising event. Build an amazing chicken coop. Cater the event. Decorate the equine and animal therapy rooms.

"Old West" Themed Fairway


Corporate teams, sponsors, clubs, colleges and family groups all get an opportunity to create, build, decorate and supply these 500 sq.ft. buildings along the fairway that each house a vocational education donations and projects where  community volunteers can teach skills and mentor our young people. Themes will include a library, art therapy, technology, carpentry workshop, craft center, music hall, and so much more.

Bonfire site


Love to work with nature? Help us create a bonfire site.